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Technology Products started small with our Generic F-16 line of controls, and has expanded this line to include portions of fighters and grips for the commercial entertainment field. Our specialized methods of making our designs as generic as possible keep your cost down. User-visible parts are made to copy the real controls as closely as possible. Our high-fidelity controls are identical to the real controls they simulate. Their feel and function is replicated in every way.

Standard Simulator Controls

  • F-16 Generic Simulation Throttle
  • F-16 High Fidelity    SideStick/Transducer
  • F-16 Rudder Pedals
  • F-22 High Fidelity    SideStick/Transducer
  • ATC152 Auto-Throttle Play Back   Unit

  • Producing High Quality Flight Simulator Controls for Military, Commercial and Civilian Use
    Simulation Controls

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