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Fighter Auto-Throttle and Playback Unit (ATC152)

Designed to be rugged and easily adaptable to any cockpit orientation or geometry. Comes with full electronics and computer interface.

  • Connects to the lower bellcrank of single throttle arm.
  • Provides up to +/- 60 lbs. pressure.
  • Fully contained in a 5Wx7Lx7H enclosure.
  • Fully simulates Auto and Manual modes of any aircraft and all throttle detents.
  • Nine separate adjustments provided for each of the key throttle parameters.

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    Standard Simulator Controls

  • F-16 Generic Simulation Throttle
  • F-16 High Fidelity    SideStick/Transducer
  • F-16 Rudder Pedals
  • F-22 High Fidelity    SideStick/Transducer
  • ATC152 Auto-Throttle Play Back   Unit

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