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Technology Products' Mission:

To provide quality simulation controls for you,
our valued customer,
and to continue to improve and expand
our line of Simulation Products.

Technology Products was founded in 1990 by John Jurgensen. John saw a void for simulation controls in the aerospace industry. He started with a block of oak and from there came the first pattern for the F-16 Throttle. Through much research, a lot of creative designs, and many late nights, he produced a line of controls that has filled the needs of many aerospace companies.

Original F-16 throttle model

We have a strong interest in simulation and want to see the simulation industry excel in today's technological environment. Technology Products will do its best to see our customers needs fulfilled.

John's original F-16 Throttle concept

Technology Products started small with our Generic F-16 line of controls, and has expanded this line to include portions of fighters and grips for the commercial entertainment field. Our specialized methods of making our designs as generic as possible keep your cost down. User-visible parts are made to copy the real controls as closely as possible. Our high-fidelity controls are identical to the real controls they simulate. Their feel and function is replicated in every way. Visit our products pages to see what we have to offer. Our end goal is to provide an optimum problem solution for your control needs.


Producing High Quality Flight Simulator Controls for Military, Commercial and Civilian Use
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